Monday, July 21, 2014

Make-N-Take Mondays- Linky Party

Hey y'all!!! I'm excited to be hosting a new make-n-take Monday's session to my blog.  I miss the days when all us teachers got together at school and had big make-n-takes, chatted about this and that, and munched on all kinds of yummy stuff.  Well you're gonna have to bring your own munchies to this session, but I don't think it will be short of fun or exciting new stuff to make for your classroom!

Last week I hosted a math and reading make-n-take at my school. It was so fun y'all! We had poster board, glue sticks, scissors, paper, and markers all over the place. Well I thought it would be such a fun idea to do a make-n-take on blogger so we can all share too!

Here is an idea of what our make and take looked like. All the posters were set up with the materials above each poster. Teachers came in and created as many as they thought they could use.

This Monday I wanted to share an interactive reading anchort chart. This chart is ready to go for your shared reading whole class or for small group work.  All you need is a picture book, post- its, and markers. The student and teacher responses can be posted on to the anchor chart. Then the chart can be used over and over again. 

If you like this chart you can find more in my Adventures of a Fiction Reader unit in my TPT store. Click here to go...

Check out the other links from other bloggers to see their great make-n-takes! 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

It's been a while.......

Hi bloggers!!! Wow, it's been way too long! Not sure if it's a smiling 3 year old always on my hip, or the 22 firsties that seem to grab all my energy, or there's also the new house we're building. Yea, I think it's a combo. Anyway, we've been doing exciting things in the classroom since I've last posted.

 We've reached the end of unit 4 in math and we've been working on time to the hour and half hour.  We've had a blast making our own clocks and playing match it to the half hour and hour.  All clock parts and matching game can be purchased right here in my TPT store.
Here's our work in progress. I think maybe this is where I've been lately??
 The Easter bunny hopped by one afternoon and left ears, canvases, paint, and brushes. We had a painting with a twist Easter party.

 We've started our unit on biographies and it's been super.  We kicked it off with ole Abe. After our shared reading we made Abe and mapped out our thinking in his hat. I will up load a free file of this fun craftivity soon.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Today's Number..... Poster Freebie

Hey y'all!!! February is just a flying on by...... I've been rereading the amazing book Number Routines by Jessica Shumway because I had to present PD on it last Friday.  Since I had to brush up on number routines for older grades, (I always tell my husband I'm only as smart as first grade math lol) I thought this would be the perfect book to help get me started.

 In our math class we always start with journal check and then move to number routines.  Our number routines look like this the entire class is sitting in a circle (me included) and we pass a ball around and that indicates the speaker. I flash dominoes for subtizing, roll to dice to quickly add, work on number line, add ten more to a given number, and the routines are endless. Anyway I'm planning to incorporate this new idea of today's number from this book on Mondays. This is the anchor chart that I will be using to guide the routine.  The ball will still be passed around the circle during this routine.  Here is how it will look...
Teacher will sit by this anchor chart holding post- its, marker, and cup filled with questions on popsicle sticks.  Teacher will have already picked number and teacher will have it up with a post it under today's number.  Then students will pass ball, each child will hold ball to indicate speaker and teacher will pull popsicle stick with question on it.  Teacher will read it aloud and student will answer. Whichever question it answers the teacher will place answer on post it on corresponding place on anchor chart.  The ball will continue to be passes and questions asked until poster is complete.  All of the questions are centered around the target number.  The poster will stay up all week with filled out post-its.  Then the routine will continue the following week.
This packet can be found for FREE in my TPT store! I hope your class enjoys getting to know numbers as much as we do!!!! Happy Mardi Gras!!!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Nonfiction Readers Activate Schema, Snow Day in New Orleans = Oh My!!!!

Well before I get to the snow day in NEW ORLEANS!!!! I'm going to back track to the day before in first grade.  My dear friend Melissa and I are working on our newest readers workshop unit for first grade. This one is on nonfiction. (We will have all units posted by this summer ready to go) The nonfiction will be posted soon.  Anyway, on Monday we were digging deeper in nonfiction and building to our schema about spider facts.  We read a book on spiders a few days earlier. During readers workshop we added in postits (all anchor charts for units are interactive) all of what we already knew about spiders. Then we began digging into a new spider book and discovered all new information and added it to our schema bucket and the left side of the chart.

In our schema we knew before we started reading we wrote that spiders build webs. During our new read we read the fact that spiders spin silky webs used to catch prey. So we tested this fact out.  We wanted to make meaning of the text. I put masking tape face down to show a nonsticky we and face up to show a stick web. We threw cotton balls to represent the flies. 

 These are our schema buckets this is just a visual I use to show kids how their schema really fills up when they read.

 Ok here we are..... Snow day in New Orleans 2014!!! Totally unheard of!!!! Ok actually it was two snow days!!! What!! What!!! I had way way way to much fun with this little guy!!!! I've never in my life of all 29 years had a snow day!!! I enjoyed every second of it!!!!!
The February comprehension texts are ready!!! They consist of 10 fiction and 10 nonfiction texts.  Each page is a new text with questions to answer.  

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year..... Ringing in with January Comprehension Texts

Whew..... did that break go by fast or what???? I know some of you live up north where it's really cold but here in Louisiana today is our cold.  It's 33 outside and freezing!!!!!  I've decided that in our first grade class we need some more practice with comprehension texts, both short answer and multiple choice.  I created these fun packets centered around ideas for the month of January.  It is filled with 10 fiction stories and 10 non fiction texts. I plan to use them for whole group and small groups.  Check them out on TPT.... click here

Here are some pics. from our Polar Express Day... I know it's late but I guess better late than never...

These were the bins for wrap your snowman. In each bin was toilet paper, a hat, gloves, and a scarf. The teams had to wrap one member like a snowman then at the end the snowman had to walk to the middle of the room with out "melting."

This was the hot chocolate bar fully stocked with candy. 

We made a Polar Express back drop for the photo booth. 

Our last game was pin the bell in the pocket. The kids were blindfolded then spun around then let go.  It was such a funny game. 

The kids came to school dressed in their pjs and their own train box car. We had a Polar Express train parade throughout the school. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Adventures with Bubbles the Elf

How fun is this time of year in your classroom?? I love just the exciting magic that fills the room each day. To add to all this excitement our classroom elf Bubbles made his grand entrance this week and has been getting into mischief ever since. I love the look on their faces when the walk in to the classroom each morning eager to see what mischievous stunt has been pulled off.  Here are some pics of what he's been up too...

My favorite was the math journal, because I sneaked a different handwriting on the page and filled it out and they said "Wow Bubbles is really smart, " too precious!!!!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

TPT 2 day sale!!! WAHOO!!!!

I don't know about ya'll, but my cart is ready and loaded.  I found the cutest things for Christmas and it's overflowing with clip art. I can't wait to wake up tomorrow morning for the 2 day TPT sale.  Are you ready??

All of the things in my store will be discounted so check them out:)