Debbie Diller is AMAZING!!!

I love Debbie Diller for more reasons than one. I'm in the middle of three of her books. (I couldn't do them one at a time, because I was so excited to read them all.) Anyway, I love how she just talks to you like a normal person and she doesn't use fancy terminology that makes you not have any idea what she is talking about. Her books are so teacher friendly and really deep. She tells you exactly how to do everything!!! I love it!!! In her Math Workstations book in chapter 5 page 107, she uses story maps and sentence frames to help students make a story problem. I tried to recreate these and I hope you will find them helpful in your room. Math Sentence Frames

P.S. The reason I left the big box on the bottom of some of the frames is because I want the students to draw and write the whole number sentence.
I don't know what is up with the box on the first page. I tried to fix it many times but you know I'm not tech savy at ALL!!!! :)