Fluency Folders

YaY!!! I'm telling y'all I'm feeling crazy!!! I'm already gearing up for next year!!! I know I'm not the only one. I accomplished lots today.. along with celebrating my baby's 6 month mini bday I finished my first semester fluency folder. Do y'all send home fluency folders at night. I've used them the past 4 years and I love them. I posted it free on TpT if you want it. I'll explain how I set mine up. Each night they have a different assignment and after the child has read to their parent the parent must sign. I check every morning. It's really fast to check for a signature. Anyway here is what I do: Monday: Read a set of dolch words, Tuesday: Reread dolch words from Mon. night and read dolch phrases, Wednesday: Read a decodable story, Thursday: reread dolch words and phrases and a poem. I included the dolch words, phrases, and decodable stories. I did not include the poems. Feel free to find your own poems or buy the sight word poems from TpT. That's what I did. I hope you enjoy. How do you set up your fluency folders????

Fluency Folder Link