Workshop King and Queen....Love It

Ok so last year when I called my centers "centers," I had a motivational award at the end of reading centers. I called it center all star. This meant that the student who was working the hardest during centers was named center all star. We picked a new one every day!! They loved it and it basically took care of any off task behavior during center time. They all wanted to be center all star. If they got it, I would write their name on a special center all star board I had and they would get to pick a pencil and and eraser. Well since I've been reading Debbie Diller I've decided this year I'm calling them workshops. I didn't love the sound of workshop all star... so I was trying to think of something else........ Well it just so happened that I saw these cuties in the Really Good Stuff catalog and found my idea...a href="">
I'm going to do a workshop king and queen. I'll pick one boy and one girl that day, that worked the hardest in workshops. They will be named the workshop king or queen. They will get to put this cute chair cover on their chair all day!!! I Love It!! I can't wait for workshops!!!

The best part of all is that they are only $6.00!!!!!!