Can there ever be enough pink and green??? My classroom is finished!! YAY!!

I was so excited to finally finish my classroom today!! I am also def. excited about the overdose of pink and green. I had a few challenges, due to my new classroom being so much smaller than my previous one. I however, was able to use every nook and cranny of available space. :)

Here is the library..... my favorite part of the room. My fabulous father-in-law built those beautiful shelves. I think he did a darn good job.

Math Wall and Word Wall.... I dislike how the math wall is so empty, but I guess it will look better when school starts and I put up as we learn.

Big Book Workstation... I love the laundry baskets they are the perfect size.

Small Group Table..... This year I decided to get rid of my teacher desk..... It feels great!!!!

Library Tip...... I don't know if I saw this somewhere or I just started doing it, but it keeps the books organized all year. So you know how you have your books perfectly organized at the beginning of the year and then those good readers forget where to put the book so they get all mixed up and it's a mess??? Well try this..... put a different sticker outside of each bin and then put the same sticker in the top left corner of the inside of the books for that bin. That way when the student goes to put his/her books back all they have to do is open the book and find the matching sticker. It works like a charm. :)