There are 5 Vowels in this song..... and where have you been????

Ok..... well lets try not to make this post too long. I have not blogged in over a month:( Yes friends, I have missed you so much! (as well as stalking other fab. blogs) Anyway to wrap up my summer in summary, we moved into our new house, painted the entire inside, bought new furniture, changed every light fixture, moved into my new classroom, and Tyler started standing and walking holding onto things. So needless to say we've been super busy. And for no blogging, well we just got internet hookup yesterday, yay! Minus the fact that the installer chose to bring the New Orleans muddy swamp land in my house and all over the carpet on my steps. I just love the sight of boot prints all over my white carpet. So my hubby called and they are sending someone to clean the carpets. I am excited about that! Thank goodness I only have carpet on my steps or else this could have been a huge disaster! Anyway, I spent all of Tyler's nap time yesterday vacuuming and mopping all the mud that was all over the house. Note*** have workers take shoes off before entering clean house. :)

So in all my excitement about the internet... I came across this blog Welcome to Room 36. She has the cutest things and I love her songs. I piggybacked onto her song idea because it was so great and made one for the vowels. Now you know mine is no where near as cute as hers, but I tried. She has the best fonts and graphics. I keep telling y'all that I don't know how some of you do that!! Anyway I am planning to introduce the vowels in whole group and then carry it on to small group. The small cards on the last page are for students to point to the vowel as they sing the song. It goes to the tune "There was a farmer who had a dog." Thanks Mrs. Willliamson for such a fabulous idea and sharing with everyone!! Click here for vowels song

Oh yea and thanks to Scrappin Doodles for having the cutest clip art ever!!