Information Resources Galore on TPT and a Math Shapes Workstation Freebie

I am so EXCITED about my information resources packet on TPT. OuR cLaSs had so much fun working with information resources this year. (strange huh??) It's fun I tell you!! Here is a demo of the packet and my fav. part is the ending project where the kids pick one thing they want to get smarter about and use all the information resources to get smarter about their topic. In CeLeBrAtIoN of us being off for 5 days for MaRdI GrAs and I get to be home with my angel boy, the first 5 people to leave a comment and their email get the packet free. :)
Yay!! We are right in the middle of geometry and we are loving it!! Here is a quick fun workstation that gets them thinking. :)
Click here for ShApEs WoRkStAtIoN