Summer Day 1 spent it with Debbie Diller and Common Core

I am so excited and nervous about math common core next year. I love the fact that we get to spend more time on their understanding of numbers. I am looking forward to seeing their little lightbulbs go off when they can bridge more numbers together and that numbers will infact start making sense to them. I have started taking apart the cc and really discovering how I am going to get my little angels to achieve these accomplishments next year. I have started with place value because I want to think just a little bit harder and smarter on the addition and subtraction. Anyway, here is one of many activities I made to go along with cc place value. The idea was not mine at all.... all the credit goes to fabulous Debbie Diller. I love all of her workstation ideas and used a lot of them last year. I am going to incorporate them a whole lot more in my whole group next year. This is one of the games called scoop and total and it is in her book in the place value section. I will be posting lots more things I make for cc so be on the look out. Have a marvelous summer. :) Click here for the game and enjoy!