Common Core Math Journal- thinking smarter about numbers

As the end of the year approached last year, all my school was hearing, was "full implementation of Common Core." First I hyperventilated, then I started thinking about what full implementation meant to me. I new we were in for a being change and a huge challenge. I started thinking about my math journal. In my classroom, math journals are super important. I like the idea of students writing down their ideas, and I get to see their thinking. Well, I wanted to come up with a solid CC aligned math journal. I sat looking at the standards, went to trainings, and read professional text (guided math). This journal is what I have come up with. I am so excited to be finished, because I have been working on it for six weeks. It is set up for the first few weeks of school. I only did 5, because I want to see where it leads me. I wanted my students to have rigor first thing in the morning when the get to school. This is a math journal that will get your students really thinking about numbers. It is set up for the first five weeks of school. Each day includes: number of the day, a thinking about numbers section, word problem, and daily data. The word problems are CC aligned and rigorous. They really make the students think about what they are solving. Then comes daily data, one of my favs. Each Monday starts a new daily data question. Throughout the week, the students use the same question and completed different tasks with the question. Daily Data Setup: Monday: Answer the question Tuesday: Draw the graph with completed answers by the whole class Wednesday: Analyze the data and notice something Thursday: Ask a question about the data Friday: Use the data to create a new graph using the same information I hope you enjoy this journal as much as we do. Your students will definitely be challenged and given many opportunities to think about numbers. The first three people to leave a comment about what they are doing different for CC math get a free copy. Xoxo, Lizzie Click here to see it on my TPT page.