Good fit book picks...... weekly schedule and new design

Thanks to Jumping Jax designs for the cutest header!!! I love what she did and she was so sweet! Has anyone else started decorating their rooms yet. This is the first time I am decorating with a 1 1/2 year old and let me just say............ well it's a slow process. I feel guilty spending so much time in my classroom and not with him. I love both so much and I'm trying to balance my time. Anyway... here is an easy way to organize who picks books in the classroom library on what day. I don't like to let my kids pick book during workstation time, because they will waste all their time picking books. I have incorporated book picks into my morning routine. Each child is allowed to pick 7 books that should last them the week. They are assigned a specific day of the week and they return and pick on that day. Here is my template and a pic. of how I set it up.