Math Lesson Plans Anyone???

I'm smiling for two reasons this week..... school starts Wednesday and I've finally finished my Common Core math unit. We have been preparing for CC all summer and I have been working on this unit for three weeks. It's one of those things you are happy to complete and then take a nice deep breath because it was intense. (you know what I mean :) Anyway, after looking and learning the core standards, I see that the rigor is in plus mode. I want my kids to have a firm foundation in their number sense so that all these standards can be mastered easily by the end of the year. I have put together a CC aligned math unit for teaching the first 4 weeks of math. It includes lots of meaty stuff y'all.
-Activities for whole group learning then to move into math workshop
-a class book
- 2 student made books for making 5 and 10
- 2 performance assessments
and lots more 69 pages of intense learning :)

Sneak a peek on TPT

I can't wait to start it this week. The best part is that lots of the activities are work mat style so I just ran them on cardstock, slipped them in a page protector so they are good for a few years. Ok so you know this has to be given out to celebrate...
here is what you do.... leave a comment about
-when you start school
- thoughts on CC

I will reveal my lucky number winner Monday night!