Back to School after Isaac and a CC Number Sense Assessment Freebie

Y'all it has been a crazy start to school!!! We have just been out for the past week due to that awful hurricane Isaac. And I don't believe my eyes but the never ending storm is coming back into the gulf. GO AWAY So Isaac had a pretty big to-do list at my house. He demolished my dining room, wood floors all up and buckled, ruined my beautiful Tuesday morning curtains (that you know I'll never find in there again), put a huge water hole over my fireplace in the ceiling, and will prob. take away my Thanksgiving break because we'll have to make up the days. Other than that............ On a serious note, I am so thankful that my family is safe and our home is still standing. The kids were so excited to come back to school and I was so excited to see them.

Here is a the number sense test I made for my class this week. This test mostly focuses on uses of the hundreds chart. Happy Thursday! :)