Short Vowel Teacher Author

Hey y'al!!! Y'all know I love me some Common Core but, I feel like in reading we are still in the Good Fit Book unit. Our grade level has written a very technical unit based around Lucy Calkins teachings and others. We are still modeling and anchoring things like: staying focused as a reader, good buddy talk, and reader's workshop, etc. Anyway this year I feel like my kids aren't progressing as fast as readers ...yet. I definitely know it's gonna come but in the mean time, when they go to workstations, they are limited on books on their level. So I decided that with each phonics skill we are working on, I would write them a book that stays in their good fit bag. Well needless to say they LOVE IT!!! They love it for two reasons: they are confident in reading it and they think its cool their teacher wrote a book. So I just uploaded them to teachers pay teachers and if you want them to think you wrote it (for a good buy in) please yes I give you permission to white my name out and put yours. They get so excited when they get a good book each week.

The best part of these books, is no cutting, no folding, no stapling (except by the copy machine). All you do is put the book through the machine, press 2 sided, 2 staple and wala you have yourself a good fit book for all students in your class. XOXO