Bibbidi.....Bobbidi....Boo....Fairy Tales and Freebies

Hurray for fairy tales unit!!!! We kicked of fairy tales this week and I tell y'all it has already been way to fun.  We opened with Hansel and Gretel and made fairy tale file folders to keep all our goodies in.  Click here for your copy

Day 2 was most loved of all.  We visited the enchanted castle of Cinderella.  I really wanted to make it come to life for them, so I brought in my niece's castle and characters.  We read, discussed, conversed, and charted.  They all fell in love with this fairy tale. 

After reading, we discussed who they might help if they had a magic wand. Then they were set off to write about it and create their magic wand.  That was hilarious, y'all.  The things they come up with!!! Here is a copy of that fun!! There are prince and princess magic wand sheets.  Happy Fairy Tale Teaching!!!