Common Core math unit 3 (place value)....penguins..... and reading oh my!!!

It's been a great WEEK so far!!! I am so excited to say that I FINALLY finished unit 3. This one has a lot of sweat and tears.  It only took me 3 weeks working everyday to finish.  It has been researched, tested, and thought out carefully.  It is based around place value.  Here is a sample of what it includes.  It is 125 pages of 5 straight weeks of teaching.  It also includes homework for 2 nights for each of the 5 weeks.

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Burrrrr........ We have had a fun filled week with penguins.  We summed up our learning today with a dip in the freezing cold water followed up with some warm blubber.  We did an experiment to test if a penguins blubber really does keep them warm.  I took a ziplock bag and coated it in CRISCO then doubled bagged it.  The students dipped their hand in without glove and screamed.  (It was too cute) Then they tested out the blubber glove.  We concluded that the blubber on a penguin really does insulate the bird.  It was loads of fun!!!
Last but not least is a glance at what good readers do.  So you know..... each day we focus on something for shared reading (connections, character traits, schema, etc.....) Well I am trying to get across to my sweet little readers that good readers do all of these things when they read.  They don't just focus on one.  I wanted them to have a visual of all these things coming together when we read a book. I was shopping for my sweet baby boys 2nd bday party when what to my wondering eyes appeared...... a blank puzzle.  Thanks Michaels!!!! I filled it in with all the learning we have done centered around good reading.  It has really helped them make the bond of what makes a good reader.  :)