Thursday, November 15, 2012

Math Journal Edition 3 is here....

Hey y'all.... I have been working so fast and furious on math.  I just finished the math journal edition 3. Thanks for all the supporters with my units and journals.  I am so happy to hear it is going just as well for you as for me!! Math is A to the M to the A to the Z to the I to the N to the G this year!!! I am loving it and so are the kids. (thanks common core) Anyway this journal goes from 51-75 with 5 new daily data graphs. (with the cutest wizard of oz one- in love) You will see shapes, place value, 3 add- ins word problems and one length. Click for TPT

Stay tuned because after Thanksgiving we move on to FAIRY TALES my fav.  I will be posting lots of freebies!!!!

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