Dino digging.....chocolate chip cookies.... and fossils

Hey y'all!! Today was one of those RARE lol days where I felt completely organized and on my A game every single second of the day and prayed that some higher being would come in to observe and see wow she's totally organized.  I don't quite know how it happened, but organization was on my side.  Anyway we did the whole shabang today... how to on dirt cake.... teen number counting with cereal.... nonfiction book chat.... and the big ending with dinosaur fossils.  So this week we have been discussing what is a scientist.  I thought it might be fun for the firsties to actually become paleontologists. They loved it. We read a book on fossils, gained an understanding of what they were, watched the fossil brain pop... then it was on to the fun.  We dressed as paleontologists going out for a dig and performing an experiment on dinosaur bones.  We used chocolate chip cookies as the manipulative. Students had to  hypothesize how they were going to get the chocolate chip (fossil) out of the cookie with out harming it.  We discussed and fill out this paper.... click here for your copy..... then they actually did the experiment.  They hypothesized that they would need to chisel it out so we used a toothpick, brushes, googles, and magnifying glasses. It was a fun filled day and now I exhausted!!

On another note... I have been working nonstop on the next unit in math. Thanks for all the great emails about the previous units.  I hope to get this next unit out soon.  Its a good one:)