Monster Adjectives....and did I mention I LOVE math CC

I can't talk enough about how much I have fallen in love with math CC.  It just makes the kids real thinkers and gives them the ability to explain their thinking.  It's deep, sprouts true thinkers, and gives mathematicians the opportunity to make connections with numbers. We are at the end of my unit 3 that's posted on TPT and going on to start unit 4 after Mardi Gras holidays. This unit was mainly focused around place value.  In this game, students played with a buddy to compare numbers.  They would each roll their dice twice and make the number rolled.  Then they would write the number they created on their math math and discuss what they notice about the two numbers.  It was an instant hit and the kids were engaged the full 60 min.  I have had so many requests for the next unit and I promise, promise that it is coming mid. next week.  I have been working diligently researching, planning, and creating.  It has been a fun journey and I have learned so much. Thanks Van De Walle

This game was adapted from Debbie Diller's workstations book.  It's called I have who has. I put the class in a circle and each student had a card the card tells them the number they have in tens and ones (I have 5 tens and 8 ones) then it asks a question and the other students have to look to see if they have that number and it keeps going around.  I had my students make the number they had on the card with their tens and ones to offer that concrete and manipulating aspect. Then we started and it was a whole lot of fun. They were so upset to stop and have to go to pe. (imagine that lol) 

We have been having so much fun with adjectives the past few weeks. I wanted to keep the excitement up so I created this fun adjective game. I gave them the blank monster then I read the adjectives to describe him and the had to draw the monster based on the adjectives I described.  It was great and their monsters came out awesome.  Click here for the freebie