Oh my gosh.... I met her.....it was AMAZING

So here I was Thursday afternoon, all the kids just left the room and I was preparing for my substitute today.  We were having a PD day with Kim Adsit and of course I was super pumped.  Well the office calls my room and says Mrs. Konecni you have a phone call. So I race out of the trailer, down the hall and right into the office.  I anticipated a parent or scholastic but it was way more exciting than that.  A group of teacher friends said Lizzie do you want to come to dinner with us and Kim Adist.  I think my heart dropped and the phone just fell silent.  I was like what me??? So they come to pick me up and there she was sitting in the front seat.  I got in the car and started screaming yay I'm in the car with a celebrity.  Y'all she was like the perfect package all wrapped into one: sweet, brilliant, down to earth, hilarious, and so knows what she's talking about.  So I actually had dinner with her for 2 hours.  It was so surreal.  It definitely goes down in one of the best top 10 things in my life!