3D Shapes core style

We're moving and grooving in geometry.  Today was immersion into 3D shapes.  We started with the gigantic chart (floor to ceiling) for charting the attributes.   These attributes were a bit more tricky than the 2D shape charting.  We sat in a circle and discussed each shape, its name and counted and noticed all its attributes.  As I was writing the attributes on my gigantic anchor chart, the kids were charting on their anchor chart. (free chart here)  I'm excited about the rest of the 3D shape activities (in my unit 4 on tpt) for the rest of the week.  We're battling shapes, visiting shape discovery stations, and building playgrounds and cars with shapes.  It's going to be fun times!  Happy hearts in first grade:)
P.S. I think summer is officially here... It got up to a whopping 78 on the playground today. Don't you just love the sweaty dog smell that fills your room after recess. :) Thank heavens for bath and body works plug ins.   :)