Info. Text acrostic poems went well and the finale of math journals

Hey y'all! I've so been enjoying my Easter break with my sweet boy.  We've had a busy schedule everyday and somehow I always wind up back at school for a few hours. haha  Last week we were digging deeper into what non fiction does for us as readers.  On Tuesday, I did a mini lesson on writing an acrostic poem using the information from the text to guide each line.  First we read the book, then we took notes on our findings, last we turned the notes into an acrostic poem about the topic of the book.  I modeled spiders then made a giant acrostic poem on spiders.  Then I buddied them up and they chose a good fit book on a top they wanted to get smarter about.  They read with their buddy, took notes on organizer, then flipped the organizer over and wrote their acrostic poem with their buddy.  It was interesting to see what happened when one of their notes did not start with a letter in their poem.  I foresaw this challenge and did a mini lesson on adding a new word in or tweaking the info. they already had.  One group did tigers and they didn't have any notes that started with a g but they did have water so we thought a little deeper and they came up with gets water.  Creative little firsties.  Here are some pics of the acrostic poems they did and here is a copy of the organizer we did.  This was a great way to assess the info. they collected as a reader.

Above, they wrote about a baker and bordered the paper with baguettes. How cute is that!

And finally, the last journal is complete.  It is the fourth edition and it covers numbers 76-100.  It will be the last journal in the set of 4. I have seen tremendous gains in my students ability to think about math, and discuss it with a partner and the class.  The journal has fostered that math success in each child.  It requires daily deep thinking from every child.  I hope you are enjoying spring break with your sweet families.  Ty and I are having more fun, it's going to be hard to go back to work and leave his sweet face.  I'm getting used to kissing and hugging him all day.  Well summer is right around the corner. :)
Here is the link for journal 4 TPT.