Moving with Math- Core Based Poetry

Ahhhhh......Spring is definitely here in New Orleans!!  Easter egg hunting was a success today.  Tomorrow we return to work after a long week off.  I realized that hurray it's poetry month!! Yay!!!
Since my school has taken on the Core full fledged this year, we've been doing lots of new thinking.  One of the things I do at the beginning of a math lesson or sometimes in the middle is poetry.  I wanted something that aligned to the core, was fun, and would be meaningful to my angels!  I have created lots of poems that meet the core standards.  They are so fun!  We get up and dance to the beat!! The kids love it! Anyway over the break I put all my poems together and uploaded the packet to TPT! Here is the link I would love to give it away!!! Leave a comment telling how you are liking the core in your room this year!

Before the holidays, we were finishing up 3D shapes which can be found in my CC math unit 4 on TPT. Here are some pics. of the activities that the students did to deepen their knowledge of 3D shapes. This is all student directed learning and lots of fun!!!
 Here students are battling 2 shapes.  They are discussing what is alike about the shapes and what is different.  I love this activity because they are having to use all their prior knowledge of shapes to create a good debate.

This was by far the favorite.  Students had to become architects and create a plan with 2D and 3D shapes the make their plan come to life.  The basis of this lesson was to get them explaining why certain attributes of a shape would work for the creation. In the different stations they had to create a car, a castle, a playground (seen below), and a house. 

 This day was also a favorite, discovery labs.  Students moved around the room with buddies visiting different labs that contained a 3D shape.  They had task cards as well as many varieties of that shape. Students performed the tasks with their buddies.