Non-Fiction Writing Freebie and CC math = exciting

This week has been filled with so many fun things.  I love this time of year y'all, because we're really getting into nonfiction and they are so interested.  Here is a pic and a freebie of what we've been working on.  The kids first worked in clubs centered around a animal topic.  They had to research the topic, come up with three questions, then research to find the answers.  Then they made these giant posters about their topic and presented.  From there, we went to writing their own nonfiction books on the same topic of their book club.  I told them they were experts (boy were they) on their animal so they were going to author their own books.  I'll also attach the rubric I used to grade it. Grab it here.. They had to start with a question, and include at least three facts, and a text feature in their pic box on the last page.  They came out awesome! 

Y'all these babies are so sweet.  Firsties are the best. (smile)
This goes hand in hand with the core standards. 

I will be posting more math pics soon..... The play dough math mats went over great.  It's amazing what the core can make your students do! Y'all I've had the pleasure of working with the second grade teachers this week centered around the core math.  They are transitioning to it next year.  They are a little scared (poor darlings they don't know whats coming) They often ask when do I sleep. (sigh...... well... I just tell them my poor husband got kicked to the curb this year)  I keep telling them it's all worth it. How speechless it leaves me after the lessons are over. The idea of concrete.... representational... abstract really is the way to learn math. I am seeing it everyday.  How has the core changed you as a teacher?