Shapes and a little more Kim!!!

Well don't you know I just pulled into the driveway from a 2 day conference with Kim Adist from Kinder gals.  We went to a reading and math conference with her in Baton Rouge.  As always, she is so fun, smart, and AMAZING!!! She took our kinder teachers to the dollar tree and had them buying stuff to make that I would have never thought of.  The things you can do with cat toys. lol  Anyway, I am excited to get back to my sweeties tomorrow.  We are continuing our journey into shapes.  We are in my fourth unit week 1 and moving to week 2. This is the anchor chart I started with 2 weeks ago, when we introduced shapes.  All I did was take a HUGE sheet of butcher paper, section it off, and staple it to the ceiling.  (The ceiling is a whole new adventure of hanging this year, but that's another story) Anyway, then I printed out the shape cards from my unit 3 and hung them on the paper with a paper clip. That makes it easy for me to take the cards off at any given time, or turn them over.

Thursday we move on to circles (halves, whole, and fourths) we will be
making circles with play-dough and then cutting them into the fraction.
We are using the math maths from unit 4 placed in sheet protectors.
I hands down think the person who invented sheet protectors should
get an award.  They sure do make my life easier.