A little of this and a little of that- ew and time

Oh my word!!!! Math was to fun yesterday.  We have just started telling time.  We were on day 2 of telling time in my unit 4 on teachers pay teachers.  We made our cute clocks with paper plates (included in unit click here to go). Then we went on to telling time to the hour and a little past the hour.  Some of the babies had trouble seeing where and when it was a little past. So, we colored in the space between the hours so they could see what a little past the hour looked like and knew that it was still that hour and had not yet reached the next hour.

In small groups one of our focuses is ew. We played a game called roll it and write it.  We rolled 2 dice.  I just bought plain foam dice and made my own beginning blends on the first one and ew on all 6 sides of the second one.  Then each child rolled and we filled in the first roll and the second roll and wrote the whole word.  This was a great way for the "bless my hearts, as Kim says" to really get it.  Here is a freebie of that roll and write sheet. 
Finally a sneak peak into the next and final unit 5 of the first grade math CC curriculum.  I promise it's almost finished. The anchor chart graphics are included in this unit.  It's a fun one!