Firsties can balance on both sides of the equal sign

I can remember looking the CC standards last summer and popping my eyes out of my brain  when I saw balancing equations. (first grade style) 4+ 2=5+1 and not understanding how I was going to teach this or much less get my kids to grasp the fact that know "answer" is shown.  Since I started writing my own math units, I pushed this standard to the end.  Well I finally added it into unit 4 and I stretched it over 3 days, digging deeper each day.  I am SMILING at the success I saw! It was great. They worked on math mats (which are all included in unit 4 here is the link) using counters to back their answers with proof.  Anyway here are some pics of our fun learning.  In this pic. they are giving their buddy evidence why 1 is not equal to 3.

This is the anchor chart we did at the end of day 2 balancing equations.  I posed the first 2 number sentences on left and they had to chat with buddy and write down proof to tell if it's the same as or not the same as.  The we discussed as a class and agreed or disagreed with the evidence given.  It was a powerful ending to the first two days. :)

Happy Math Teaching