Common Core Math Unit 1- Revamped (way too fun)

Ok y'all...... it's math revamping in full speed. After teaching the core from my units one full year.... I saw a few changes that needed to be made.  I have been looking into each unit and adding the changes.  I didn't take anything out, but I am putting lots of stuff in.  Unit 1 has been completely finished and re finalized, so if you have already bought it, redownload it for all the new fun filled activities and charts.  How fun are already made charts?  I'm loving making the charts all cute and having everything ready to go. Here are some pics of some of the charts you'll find in unit 1...
 What....What... You know this is my favorite!!! The song is sung to "Come on ride that train"
How fun is that??? You know you got time for that!!
 Introduction to addition anchor chart... all ready to print out, glue, and laminate.
Here is the link to the TPT store if you want to redownload or purchase. 

BTW.... also included in this unit is a lesson plan laid out like this for EVERY single day. How easy is that? Here is a sample of the plans page and each day has one.  It tells you what the activity is for the day, the standard, materials needed, teachpoint, mini lesson and student work.