Unit 5...It's here and Eric Carle Author Studies

Yay.... Unit 5 is here. I posted it last night. It is my favorite unit yet! Its based on the core standards on measurement, subtracting with 10s and adding within 100.  It also has fun end of the year activities for our little mathematicians.  The cuties will be playing race to 2nd grade (how fun) and making a math memory book from first grade.  Although, my FaVoRiTe thing is the unit is the CoTtEn BaLl olympics! Yes you heard it, a package of measurement fun!!! Students will be participating in 4 games during the olympics and then measuring their blow, kick, flick, and throw in paper clips.  The 1st grade CC standards are all nonstandard units.  Here is the link to TPT. 

Two weeks ago the fab. Kim Adsit came to work with our school district again.  She is so fun and smart, smart, smart.  I got to spend lots of time hanging out with her.  We took her to the french quarter fest and ate lots of yummy food. Then we went shopping in the french quarter which was like a surreal experience for me! So anyway, while she was here she did some PD on author studies.  We started this week and of course our author is the grand ErIc cArLe. We make his characters, noticed things about them and have author book clubs.