Diving into summer and deep thinking in math, what to expect?

Well as far as summer goes, it's already 95 here in New Orleans. We're spending our time at the beach and in the pool!
This little fishy was catching the waves! 

The core is completely giving me a new lens to look deeper into math. Are you feeling the same way? 
We really sunk our feet in this year! Here are some pics of what unit 2 is all about. It is centered around addition and subtraction. 
 Reckenreck mini for ways to make 10
 This poster gives a new meaning to solving story problems.  We go into pirate mode....arrgh!

 In unit 2, we also take a deeper look at what it means to count by tens.  What do tens look like and how much is 40 and what is it made of?

 What.....what...... adding 2 math rap!!

Super fun!!!!!! Adding 0 more to the little old lady's belly! (it goes along with the little old lady who swallowed a fly) 
We used this anchor chart to build a fact family!

Finding friendly numbers when adding with 3. 

Doubles on the ten frame was a great concrete representation for the babies who need a little more. 

 Thinking of counting by 5s with deeper meaning than just 5,10 15 etc.
Y'all know it's cute to hear them explain what zero is. This chart was the lead into the little old lady activity. 
 The human number line for adding 1 and 2 more. 
You can check out unit 2 on TPT or if you have already purchased, PLEASE REDOWNLOAD!! 
It has so many new ideas added and a lesson plan written out for each day of 6 weeks! All the hard work has been done so you can kick back and relax! 
Unit 2 Addition and Subtraction Strategies

Summer is my favorite bonding time!!!