Mini Lesson Make Ahead and Who's Having Fun In PD?

 Hey y'all!! I know you're all kicking back and relaxing, enjoying a diet coke when you what to and eating lunch over a 30 min. span.  Summer with my little munchkin has been perfect.  If you're gearing up for next school year, yeah I can almost smell the yummy box of new crayons. Is anyone else excited about seeing school supplies in a few weeks in all those stores?  I just love walking up and down the isle filling the cart with things you know you may or may not need, you just have to have it!

Anyway, if you're gearing up for math mini-lessons, you might want to swing to the poster isle in your shopping spree and pick up a few bright colored posters.  These 3 posters will be used during my mini-lessons when I'm modeling using the 5, 10, and 20 frames.  I just used a yard stick and a sharpie. They will be for the center of your mini- lesson circle.
How fun are these dice? My best friend Nicole (from Kinder Confections) and I went to a place called School Aids? Ever Been? I hadn't been to one in a few long years and well let me tell you we were in there for an hour and a half.  We went down every stinkin isle and looked at every single thing! Anyway, these dice were another buy for mini lesson modeling.  They are large enough for all learners to see when rolled and they are fun high engagement! 

 Summer has been in full fun swing.  These sweet ladies were sweet enough to let me come work with them at their school.  Here they are with their "homework" from the day before.  They all went home an made doubles pots to use in their classroom.  This comes from my math common core unit 2 on TPT.
 Aren't these fun y'all? They've just been uploaded to my TPT store, here is the link, Math word wall vocabulary cards. They cover every standard in the first grade core curriculum.  Leave me a comment about what you're reading this summer (professional text) and I'll pick a comment to send a copy too!