Terrific Two Day Tuesday and Wednesday Math Flash Sale

Hey y'all!!! Whew......... summer is officially coming to an end!!!! I'm gearing up to meet some sweet faces in just one short week! Wow, that completely flew by! Classroom set up has been way to fun this summer! I've never realized the creative doors that can open when you involve chevron! I promise to post some pics soon.  Anyway, to celebrate the excitement of school starting, I'm throwing a 2 day math flash sale staring today and ending tomorrow.  Math has become a love for me, thanks to the core.  Since there was nothing out there for us to use, I decided to go on a year long journey researching, developing, and writing my very own first grade math curriculum.  It's all based around the ideas of students learning math first concretely, then moving to the representational, and finally they will move to abstract as they are ready.  The curriculum I developed is an entire math curriculum to begin on the first day of school and take to you the end.  Check out some of the products on sale that will get you going on your math journey with the core.....
 The math journals are a great way to start the day with deep thinking. Students will come it and work on the journal with a math buddy and deeply discuss and think through the problems.  They will be using manipulatives to support their math thinking.

 There are 5 total units that will take you through the entire year. Included in each unit is a map out of the unit, a lesson plan for each day, the activity, and homework for two times a week.

 There are also 5 assessment packets that go with the units and are aligned to the core.  They are problems that the students will think through and answer with a thought out response.  We also want to let our students use manipulatives on the assessments to help guide and support their thinking.
Moving with math is a fun way to get your math block started. Students can dance around, chant, or just sing out  poetry centered around the standard being mastered.

I would love to give away any one of these products to a follower.  All you have to do is leave a comment, follow my blog, and tell me which one you would like. Happy Math Teaching