A peek at our week in math!!

We're in full swing already this year in math!! I kicked off Unit 1(view here on TPT) last week and here is what it looked like in our room.  Not only were we having a ball, but we were thinking deeply about number sense. We're working on our strong foundation so we can bring it with us when we get into addition and subtraction.

Below, is a picture of the student created arranged dot cards.  After mathematicians created their arranged dot cards 1- 10 they played memory with them on the floor.  This reinforced the mental image of the dots over and over again.  Then they made a dot train with their numbers in order after the game and had to discuss the arrangement with their math buddy. 
Here, the class is playing I have who has (also included in unit 1) getting to know numbers.  So instead of passing out just the number card, the students had to build what they had on ten frames.  I only gave students one ten frame to start with and one tower of 10 cubes. They had to figure out if they were going to need more than one ten frame to build their number. This was a lot of fun. We played this for one week at the beginning of math all week.  It was amazing seeing how slow it started off at the beginning of the week then moving rapidly by day 4.  
In this lesson, we were just analyzing the 100s chart and getting to know it a little better. We opened by chatting with our math buddy about things we noticed about it. I charted their answers on post its and hung around.  Then we went to our desks and color coded the 100s chart just to get to know it a little more.  

 In this video, students were taking their foundation of arranged dots learned in previous lesson and applying it to the math mats.  I would read a fun story to them like 8 teachers read books at school and they would have to show the 8 in a specific arrangement on the school math mat using cubes. It's interesting to watch this childs thought process in working out this problem. Through CC I'm learning the improtance of scaffolded questioning and making kids do more thinking work rather than just showing them or telling them the right answer. Many kids have it, they just have trouble expressing it.

 It was such a fun filled, intense week of thinking in math.  How is CC going in your classroom.