It's OfFicIaLlY back to SCHOOL time!!!

Yesterday was our first day back at school.  It's so fun to see their sweet faces as they enter first grade for the first time.  I only have one poor little one cry this year!! Little did he know that I was just as nervous as him!!! Here are some pics of our first grade classroom....
Our classroom library!! Do y'all have enough room in your library? My poor father in law had to build yet another self to house all my books. This year I finally put my books into categories.  Yay! That was a big  huge accomplishment!! 
If you want these labels for your library, you can purchase them here. 

This is the math area where all the manipulative are housed. The manipulatives are community property in our classroom where all sweet hands are welcome.  

How fun is this necklace for math common core!!!