Time for a little TPT sale and class pics from the first week of unit 1

Whew...... the first week was great!!! No laundry done, out to eat every night, and oh you know working till 8 every night this week, I would say it's been a pretty great week.  The kiddos were loving the first week of school and all its fun filled jam packed activities.  We started unit 1 on the first day of school. It begins with an intro to math tools.

Many of you have asked about my journal set up, so here is what happens in our room. Last year I used binders and they worked great, this year however we are on a tight budget due to building a house. So with that in mind, I converted over to regular plastic folders and love them. They aren't bulky and get the job done perfectly. The pockets in the front and the back are for storing work either "still working" work they have not completed or "done for now work" that they have finished.  

In the prong part of the binder I have 4 sheet protecters to store various math charts in.  One of the charts is the 120s chart.  After the sheet protecters, comes the infamous sticker book.  This book is great for two reasons, it's part of the behavior plan and it builds their number sense.  Here's how it works.  Every time I see a good choice, something nice, or great behavior, I'll put a sticker on their shirt.  They then transfer the sticker on their shirt to their sticker book.  Every 2 weeks we see who has the most stickers so far and that person gets to move their desk by the small group table and it will be decorated with sticker winner signs. It works like a charm. 

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