A whole lot of everything (short e, open house, math, and oooooooohhhhh did I mention a 2nd grade math journal!!!)

Yes.......... this year is another roller coaster. I'm on one where your feet dangle and it passes over shark tanks, piraƱas, you name it. Why is it that we need 2 days to plan for 1 day of teaching??? Well I guess that's why we do it, because we absolutely love and live for this crazy roller coaster ride. Last week we had open house. We decided that our parents would miss us too much, so we made minis of ourselves and propped them up in the chairs. (not my idea, gotta love pinterest)
 This week in math was deep thinking centered around counting back for our number routine. Everyday at the beginning of math we start with a quick number routine. We go around our math thinking circle and pass a ball and the person who holds the ball is the speaker and they keep the routine going. Well this week we are focusing on counting back from 22. (easier said than done) They struggled through this one. On day two, I decided to give each child a 20 and 10 frame. First we built up to 22, then as the ball was passed and we were going down a number, I and we would pull off the counter.  So whatever number the person said, was displayed on the frames. This gave them a much better and more concrete understanding of what counting down was and meant.
 I am behind the rest of my grade level in math. (imagine that) Yes, I admit I have been spending more time on getting number routines going.  With that being said, they were all on ways to make 5 last week when I was still working with the 100s chart. I couldn't give the planned hw, because we just weren't there yet.  So I gave each child a blank 100s chart and a cut up chart with #'s. They had to glue it back together. (what an activity for deep thinking)

 I stapled a ziploc bag with the cut up chart to the front of the blank chart.
This week we're working on long and short e. Here is our short e song we sing each morning as a lead into work work. 
How cute are they???? Each day, I pick a or two mathematicians of the day. This is huge in our room.  Mathematican of the day means your name is displayed on the special board, you get to wear the special mathematician hat, you were a deep thinker, and you helped other mathmaticians.  This chart comes with my moving with math poetry packet. Click here to view

YES!!!! Finally it's done!!! I have had many many requests to branch out to second grade journals.  My second grade team is so sweet. They have let me work with them to develop this journal.  It is centered around deep thinking and reasoning. It is interactive in that, students will (interact) work with a buddy on the journal 3 days a week, using manipulatives, discussing, and proving results. The other 2 days they work alone still using manipulatives to solve problems. It is set up for 5 weeks of school and comes with a journal page for each day and an interactive graph for each week. Here is the link.