Math in Full Swing.... stepping into addition plus one with part part whole machines!!

First grade is such a fun place to be!!! We are loving readers, writers and math workshop everyday.  I a love when one of the babies comes to you and says, we didn't do _____ workshop today. lol

Math is going amazingly AWESOME!! We are at the end of my unit 1 building number sense.
This is the first lesson of adding on the part part whole mat. We used Eric Carle's 1, 2, 3 to the zoo and cheerios to add.  Here is a short video clip of that lesson. 
How fun is this part/ part whole machine. It's made from PVC pipe, hot glue, and cardstock signs. Here are the labels for the machine. labels 
This was a few lessons back: making of the reckenreck mini. We used this math tool to help us find ways to make 10.

THE TENS CLUB!!! Here are all my sweeties. They have mastered their ways to make ten and made it into the tens club. The wore necklaces that said I made the tens club.  How is school going for you!!