Workstations...... the road to building stamina

We are moving into our 4th week in school.  The first few weeks seem frazzled, crunched, and exciting all in one pretty package.  In all the excitement, we work to build stamina in workstations.  This allows for guided reading groups to run smoothly and students will be involved in their own self guided learning.  Check out our schedule of building stamina and introducing workstations.

This is the map we used to introduce each workstation and build stamina day by day. 
The 1st station is read to self. Students carry around their good  fit bag filled with books that are just right for them.  They read to themselves using a book light (from dollar store) or a stuffed animal we call it a lovie.  

The 2nd station is buddy reading.  Students work with a buddy on their reading level, reading a book that is just right for both. We add fun props and hats to make buddy reading extra awesome.  
Word work is the 3rd station. Students can do a variety of things in this station all centered around working with words.  They stamp out words that are on a recording sheet, make magnetic words, and read the room.  I used Erica Bohr's read the room packet from TPT.  
Drama is one of the class favorites.  I got this puppet theater from Tuesday Morning for $11.  Yay!!!! Their are puppets in a bin underneath. Students act out scripts with puppets and drama scripts.  I have highlighted who is reading when, so they know when it is their turn to act.  This is a super fun workstation!!! When I intro. each workstation, I always have an I can chart of things they can do in each workstation and make sure I am very detailed about what is expected in each station. 

Poetry is another class favorite.  Thanks to DeeDee Wills our poetry station is rockin.  We do a poem a week in whole group, then I move that poem into poetry station. Students put the poem together and sing it with their buddy.  Their are also nursery rhymes and poetry books for them to do as well. 
 Writing station is just a continuation of what we do in writers workshop. Students have all their supplies with them at the table.  They may continue a story from WW or begin a new story. Students also conference with each other about their writing in this station.

Listening station is mobile in our class. Students listen to a story on a portable cd player then fill in a favorite part recording sheet.  

We spend an extensive time at the beginning of each year to make sure all the expectations of workstations are laid out and understood. This makes the rest of the year run smoothly.  What workstations are you doing this year?