A deeper meaning to counting by fives and tens and pumpkin candy turned ack/ick freebies

 This week we have been working with ack and ick in word work.  In small group we played pumpkin turn over.  All I did was buy those oh so cute pumpkin candy and write a beginning letter or blend with a sharpie and on another pumpkin ack or ick.  Then we put all the beginning sounds on one side of the table and the ending sounds on the other.  We turned the pumpkins over to see if we created a word then recorded it on our recording sheet.  Click here to get recording sheet. 
 In my unit 2 addition and subtraction (sold in my TPT store) we discuss what it truly means to be able to count by fives and tens.  Our firsties have a difficult time understanding this at first, but after intense thinking and repetitive practice the light bulbs have been going off daily.  To scaffold understanding and thinking we have been working with this idea in morning meeting.  Here is our morning meeting question for today and recording sheet.  Students will work with a buddy to figure out how many fives and tens are in 10, 20 , and 50.  They will be able to use five and ten frames to help thinking.  Click here for morning meeting recording sheet
 This was the opening lesson (also in unit 2) that we did to discover what it really means to count by fives. Students worked in groups to build, write and create fives to 100.