A little bit of everything.... math, writing, and my favorite author Eric Carle

 Well let's just say that time management is not my best quality.  I haven't quite figured out how to work all night long and sleep 3 hours. haha   Let me know if there is a secret.  I've been the worst blogger the last month.  My sweet boy, work, and building a house have been my main focuses lately.  Here are some happenings in our classroom over the last three weeks.  In math we finished up our number sense unit and are diving deep into addition and moving into subtraction.

We ARRRRRed up as pirates on our math mats showing addition and writing a matching number sentence. I love this lesson, because the students are doing so many steps in the addition process.  First they listen to the story problem, then they create it on their math mat, then discuss their thinking with a buddy and finally ATTACK (that's what we call solve).
Many of you have asked what journal looks like in my room each morning.  We kicked journal off about two weeks ago.  It is intense thinking that really pulls all math thinking together everyday.  As they come in each morning, they unpack and get started on their journal.  On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday they work with a buddy on their journal and Tuesday and Thursday are on your own days.  Students get any math tools they might need to help them create the number of the day. Then they get started making ways to make the number of the day and then they move to the other 3 parts of the journal.  Our daily data is ongoing each week.  The question and graph changes each Monday and then we work with the graph doing something different all week long.  
Here they are working with their buddy.  It's a mess but well worth the tools all over the place. Cleaning up is a breeze and fun. We put songs from Math in Motion Jack Hartmann on while we sing and clean. 
I sell the bundled journals 1-4 in my TPT store. Here is the link if you want to check it out. Journal bundle link

We have been writing word problems, counting by fives using 5 frames to build a deeper understanding of what it means to count by fives, and adding with zero using their was an old lady who swallowed a fly.  We filled her belly with what she ate and then she ate zero more on the other side.  These activities can be found in my math unit two in my tpt store.  Each child was given an old lady, pipe cleaner, beads, and a recording sheet. 

Finally my favorite new decoration in my room.  It's the most beautiful thing I've ever been given for my room.  They had to create a noun and bring it in for noun town.  This sweet baby was given Eric Carle and this masterpiece is what she came up with. 

Tyler is getting bigger and bigger.  We were hanging up spider webs at my mother in laws for Halloween and he need all his tools to be a worker man.  

We've just kicked off our opinion piece writing and this is day one of the unit.  Students had to bring in a collection of favorite treasured items. Then we lined them up to judge which was our favorite and why.  

In reading we're diving deep into fiction characters.  We discovered how characters change throughout a book.