Fluency Drills.......Start Your Pencils

Hey y'all!!! The room is quiet, timer is set, papers are flipped over and pencils are ready in hand.  This is the setting of my classroom when all the mathematicians are getting ready to zoom through their math fluency drills.  We can build students fluency and accuracy through speed drills. 
Well just like we build fluency in reading, the same holds true for math.  After building a firm foundation in the skill, the student has had ample practice with it, and they have become accurate in their answers, they are ready for fluency building.  After writing the math curriculum last year, I wanted to add a fluency drill each week to practice building speed and accuracy in math.  I thought about what I really wanted them to be able to do and what I hoped to gain from fluency drills in my classroom.  I decided to take the self assessment route.  These drills are designed to be given twice a week and two drills will be given back to back each day.  Students have one minute to finish as many problems as they can.  Then we check their answers.  On the second drill, they are trying to beat the number they answered correct on the first drill.  So each child is racing against themselves and they have no idea what anyone else in the class scored.  So then I realized they needed a visual to be able to see it themselves and show me how they did from the first to second drill. After they check both drills they use their stoplight to show how they did.  Red means faster thinking next time (the got more the 1st drill than the second) yellow stands for still working (they got exactly the same amount correct) and green stands for I zoomed past (they answered more correct on the second drill) 

 Here are some of the drills in the packet.  It is for sale in my TPT store and can be found right here...   This is a 30 week drill plan that will last you the entire school year.