Reader's Workshop for 1st Grade..... Unit 1 is here and on sale:)

Whew!!!! Is anyone else flat exhausted???  As I sit here bobbing my head trying not to fall fast alseep, I'm excitedly typing away in eagerness to tell you all about the exciting new product I just uploaded to TPT.  I teamed up with one of my super smart besties in first grade to begin our journey in writing shared reading, read aloud, and readers workshop units all in one.  We just finished up and posted our very first unit... Adventures of a Fiction Reader. It includes all you need to immerse your firsties in their beginning adventures of fiction books.  It includes 23 shared reading and read aloud plans for each day and 23 reader's workshop plans for each day.  It gives you the explicit teach points for the shared reading and modeling then the another plan for mini lessons in reader's workshop and then try it out readers response journal pages.

 This is a sample lesson plan page from the last week of reader's workshop.  It includes suggested mentor texts, common core standard, mini lesson, deep questioning, and a reader's response journal entry.
This is the five week layout of the unit. It begins with a peek into what fiction and non fiction books have to offer us as readers. 
 The unit is full of interactive anchor charts that go with the lessons.  All you have to do is print, cut,  and laminate. The you can stick post its on to show thinking and reuse over and over again.  I even have an extra set of interactive charts in my big book workstation so students can show their thinking as they read with a buddy.
Here is the TPT link.  It is on sale through Sunday!!! Happy week before Thanksgiving!