Happy New Year..... Ringing in with January Comprehension Texts

Whew..... did that break go by fast or what???? I know some of you live up north where it's really cold but here in Louisiana today is our cold.  It's 33 outside and freezing!!!!!  I've decided that in our first grade class we need some more practice with comprehension texts, both short answer and multiple choice.  I created these fun packets centered around ideas for the month of January.  It is filled with 10 fiction stories and 10 non fiction texts. I plan to use them for whole group and small groups.  Check them out on TPT.... click here

Here are some pics. from our Polar Express Day... I know it's late but I guess better late than never...

These were the bins for wrap your snowman. In each bin was toilet paper, a hat, gloves, and a scarf. The teams had to wrap one member like a snowman then at the end the snowman had to walk to the middle of the room with out "melting."

This was the hot chocolate bar fully stocked with candy. 

We made a Polar Express back drop for the photo booth. 

Our last game was pin the bell in the pocket. The kids were blindfolded then spun around then let go.  It was such a funny game. 

The kids came to school dressed in their pjs and their own train box car. We had a Polar Express train parade throughout the school.