Nonfiction Readers Activate Schema, Snow Day in New Orleans = Oh My!!!!

Well before I get to the snow day in NEW ORLEANS!!!! I'm going to back track to the day before in first grade.  My dear friend Melissa and I are working on our newest readers workshop unit for first grade. This one is on nonfiction. (We will have all units posted by this summer ready to go) The nonfiction will be posted soon.  Anyway, on Monday we were digging deeper in nonfiction and building to our schema about spider facts.  We read a book on spiders a few days earlier. During readers workshop we added in postits (all anchor charts for units are interactive) all of what we already knew about spiders. Then we began digging into a new spider book and discovered all new information and added it to our schema bucket and the left side of the chart.

In our schema we knew before we started reading we wrote that spiders build webs. During our new read we read the fact that spiders spin silky webs used to catch prey. So we tested this fact out.  We wanted to make meaning of the text. I put masking tape face down to show a nonsticky we and face up to show a stick web. We threw cotton balls to represent the flies. 

 These are our schema buckets this is just a visual I use to show kids how their schema really fills up when they read.

 Ok here we are..... Snow day in New Orleans 2014!!! Totally unheard of!!!! Ok actually it was two snow days!!! What!! What!!! I had way way way to much fun with this little guy!!!! I've never in my life of all 29 years had a snow day!!! I enjoyed every second of it!!!!!
The February comprehension texts are ready!!! They consist of 10 fiction and 10 nonfiction texts.  Each page is a new text with questions to answer.  

Here is the link for the packet.