Today's Number..... Poster Freebie

Hey y'all!!! February is just a flying on by...... I've been rereading the amazing book Number Routines by Jessica Shumway because I had to present PD on it last Friday.  Since I had to brush up on number routines for older grades, (I always tell my husband I'm only as smart as first grade math lol) I thought this would be the perfect book to help get me started.

 In our math class we always start with journal check and then move to number routines.  Our number routines look like this the entire class is sitting in a circle (me included) and we pass a ball around and that indicates the speaker. I flash dominoes for subtizing, roll to dice to quickly add, work on number line, add ten more to a given number, and the routines are endless. Anyway I'm planning to incorporate this new idea of today's number from this book on Mondays. This is the anchor chart that I will be using to guide the routine.  The ball will still be passed around the circle during this routine.  Here is how it will look...
Teacher will sit by this anchor chart holding post- its, marker, and cup filled with questions on popsicle sticks.  Teacher will have already picked number and teacher will have it up with a post it under today's number.  Then students will pass ball, each child will hold ball to indicate speaker and teacher will pull popsicle stick with question on it.  Teacher will read it aloud and student will answer. Whichever question it answers the teacher will place answer on post it on corresponding place on anchor chart.  The ball will continue to be passes and questions asked until poster is complete.  All of the questions are centered around the target number.  The poster will stay up all week with filled out post-its.  Then the routine will continue the following week.
This packet can be found for FREE in my TPT store! I hope your class enjoys getting to know numbers as much as we do!!!! Happy Mardi Gras!!!

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