Monday Make-N-Take Organizing Reading Groups

Happy Monday Y'all!!!! School is just around the corner. Are you ready? I can't seem to get everything finished on my to do list each day. Maybe I'm putting too many things on it. While I'm gearing up for small groups, I was thinking of a way to organize my groups so they could be quickly changed if needed. I wanted something that I could quickly grab, easily  usable, and students could be moved around on it.  I decided on using a file folder and post-its.
Supplies: One cute file folder, glue stick, marker, and post-its.

Step 1: Cut out label and write your name on front. I taped mine down but you can also glue it. 

Step 2: Open folder and glue down level sheets. 

 Step 3: Create a post it for each child in your class and place them under their level.  The students can be changed around according to growth throughout the year.  I really like this because I can just pull out my file folder and call the students in that group.
Click here to get started making your folder!