Interactive Notebooking in Math is Time Well Spent in the Classroom….Plus a Notebook Freebie

Who would have thought that school could get any more exciting?? Well add in an interactive notebook and you've got the kiddos lined up and bursting to get in to the classroom! At least that's been my experience with interactive notebooks. Since my newest job as curriculum coordinator at an elementary school, one thing we've implemented school wide from PreK4-7th grade is interactive notebooks. It's been an amazing addition!  The kids not only love them, but grasp the teach point over and over again.  

Why I love interactive notebooks??
1. They are meaningful. 
2. They serve as a constant aide in revisiting topics to build fluency and understanding.
3. They also work like a portfolio and students can take them home at the end of the year to keep track of all their learning in the classroom. 
4. They are way fun and exciting!!
5. The list really goes on.... and on..... and on!

How fun and exciting does this look? Firsties can measure different objects by ordering them from tallest to shortest.  This can be done as a quick assessment, review, buddy work, extension activities, classwork, and the list of possibilities goes on and on! 

I recently added into my TPT store a new addition. An interactive notebook for 1st grade math. It covers all the standards for first grade. You'll have no prep to do in this notebook packet:)
 Here are some pics of the notebook. Click here to check it out in my TPT store. 

Click here for a free sample of one of the notebooks that are included in this file:)