Bringing Fairy Tales to Life

Last week was crazy sock day at school and I had everything laid out the night before. Oops.....It was 5:30 that morning and I remembered that I needed to wear some type of crazy socks.  I started racking my brain to try and come up with something. Then, I remembered we are on to our fairy tale unit next week. What if I made a fairy tale come to life on my socks???  Then I thought "why not build a beanstalk with tissue paper?" Then, by 6:00a.m. my beanstalk making was in full swing. I printed out Jack and the Beanstalk clip art and hot glued it all to my socks. I HIGHLY recommend putting your fingers on top of your leg until the glue dries, otherwise you will have hot glue burning your leg!

We're traveling to the magical world of fairy tales this week!! I can barely wait to read all those wonderful tales!  I have just uploaded my latest product to TPT, Fairy Tales- A thematic unit.  
It covers 4 fairy tales with tons of activities: Cinderella, The Three Pigs, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Goldilocks.  You'll find an interactive retell....

Three interactive poems for whole or small group instruction. 

A science experiment where students will build piggy houses out of three different materials and then act as the wolf to see which materials were strong and which were weak. 

It also includes letter writing with Goldilocks.  It never occurred to me as a child that Goldilocks could actually be a villain.  In this unit we'll write a letter to the three bears from Goldilocks. 
Click here to take a look in my TPT store.  Fairy Tales- A Thematic Unit