Reader's Workshop Curriculum Mapping... The First Four Units

 I love to sit and plan all my teach points for each unit then come in and build the anchor text and anchor chart for support.  I've been working this summer to map out our first grade teach points in reader's workshop.  I've finished the first four units.
Unit 1- Launching Reader's Workshop
Unit 2- Adventures of a Fiction Reader
Unit 3- Comprehension Strategies in Fiction
Unit 4- Non- Fiction Readers Explore the Words
             in Books

Each unit has targeted teach points to drive the overall unit theme.  I'm attaching the 4 unit map out for reader's workshop.

Unit 2- Adventures of a Fiction Reader
I've completed an entire unit using these teach points.  It includes a lesson plan for 20 days of teaching, anchor charts for each day, and a suggested mentor text.  This will bring you through and entire month of planned reader's workshop lessons.

 Theses are some of the anchor charts that I used in Unit 2- Adventures of a Fiction Reader

Click here to download the reader's workshop curriculum maps