Getting to Writer's Workshop Everyday

Y'all I can remember when I first started teaching 10 years ago, I didn't even know what writer's workshop was much less how I was going to fit it into my school day.  As time passed, writing slowly began inching its way to the front seat.  I can remember knowing that I needed to do writer's workshop, but not really know what EXACTLY I was supposed to do.  I really don't like being unsure of what's going on in my classroom, so I began reading up on everything that had to do with writer's workshop.  I began to understand that this was important work that needed to take place in my classroom.  So about five years ago, I began putting writer's workshop on my classroom schedule.  Since then workshop in my classroom has evolved immensely. Last year I realized that I was still looking for a program that had it all there and was user friendly.  I thought about creating my own, but y'all know how exhausted you are at 4 months pregnant??? So after I had sweet Ella I set out to write a writer's workshop program for first grade that is researched based and full of best practices.

I'm excited to release the first unit of seven. The series is called "Tales of a First Grade Writer." It's completely aligned with all the standards for writing, speaking, and conventions. Each new unit will be released on a monthly schedule throughout the year.  This is the launching unit and it sets up writer's workshop for a successful year.   This unit is so much fun y'all. Our writers get to know the author of Pete the Cat and discover how he reaches his readers. We'll set up our writer's notebook, build an ongoing idea necklace (how fun is that? wearing your writing ideas), meet and learn to work with our writing buddies, conference with the teacher, and SO much more.  It's a unit that will definitely build of love in your classroom.
You'll find example anchor charts that bring the lessons to life.  I love the idea of building anchor charts with my class and then watching the students reference them as they are writing.
So in this unit we look at where authors get ideas for writing. Students will build the cutest authors and peek into their mind to see what they think about when they write. How cute will these look hanging all over the room?

Here is where authors will keep all of their work, ideas, and writing tools. Throughout this unit we'll build a writer's notebook that students will use daily as they write.
This has to be my favorite!! Authors wear their writing ideas around their neck and the necklace grows throughout the school year.  They can go back to their necklace to gather ideas for writing as they begin a new story.  I guess I've always thought of keeping important things near and dear to your heart. And I love the ideas of wearing your most prized writing ideas. 

 This cutie was having too much fun making his own idea necklace! (How pretty is that new picture my sister just painted me for my den) Now I just need to get a frame. White or Gold??? Any suggestions???

This is the first unit and it's on sale now in my store.  It will be on sale today and tomorrow only.  I'll be posting the yearly unit layout later this week.  Stay tuned to find out what the other six units are and who the author spotlights will be.  Happy Writing in First!