Getting Organized- Lunch Packing 101

Y'all I don't know what it is, but I just can't get it together with the lunch kit. I spend a ridiculous amount of time every night trying to pack my little boy's lunch.  I think about healthy food, lunch kit repeats (because heaven forbid  he has the same thing in there two days in a row), sustainability.  You name it, it's going through my head!!! Which leads me to my next problem........ spending 10 to 15 minutes every night packing a lunch was getting EXCESSIVE!! I mean I thought about it and all 5 nights I was totaling over an hour of lunch packing for the week. IT HAD TO STOP!
So, I decided to get myself in check and come up with a better plan. I had to take back my!

Here's the new plan.... I call it lunch box 101... partly because I took myself back to the basic idea of lunch packing.

Sunday night is the new let's get it all done night and Tyler (my kindergartner) helps.

So here's the plan....
Step 1: Get a plastic container with a lid
Step 2: Print labels and laminate with days of the week
Step 3: Laminate labels and staple on gallon size baggies

Step 4: Open all bags and add non perishable items...

Step 5: Add lunch love notes to each bag for the week

Step 6: Seal up each gallon bag and place the top on the container.
Step 7: Each night before school, open the bag and place the items inside along with the note

**Note: I add the cold food and cold pack to the lunch kit each morning**

And this is how I'm taking back my weeknights of lunch kit packing so I can be more productive and spend more time with my kiddies this year! 

You can find this in my TPT store for FREE! It includes days of the week labels, instructions, pictures, and love note templates.